About ZAP

Founded in 2001, ZAP Engineering and Construction Services, Inc. (ZAP) is a full-service engineering and construction management company.

From engineering and design to project controls and construction management, ZAP brings decades of expertise to the oil & gas, specialty chemical and material handling industries. Our engineering services represent a variety of disciplines to include: Chemical, Mechanical, Electrical, Instrumentation & Control, Civil and Structural.  The diverse backgrounds of our project team allow ZAP to bring focused knowledge to unique challenges and projects.

We have successfully provided customers with project management and construction management services on a variety of projects. Our capabilities in the design and installation of effective and efficient processing facilities are unparalleled. ZAP provides services ranging from front-end technical and feasibility studies through turn-key projects.

The foundation of our business is our client-centered culture and teamwork-based approach. Combining years of experience and education, our team of engineers, designers, project managers, drafters, construction managers and support personnel collaborate effectively to improve concept and design of all projects.

After assessing project requirements and client needs, the ZAP team designs innovative processes with the most cost-effective solutions. Our engineering staff has designed, constructed, and commissioned projects in a variety of industries, and utilizes this expertise to develop feasible and practical designs tailored to meet your specific project objectives.

Core Values

Mutual Respect

We understand each person has an influence and a direct impact on the success of the Company.

We strive to foster a professional environment where everyone is treated with respect and empathy.


We thrive when we work together, are honest, transparent, and follow through on our commitments.

The success of every task, project, department, and of the company as a whole depends on everyone acting as a team.


Quality is at the forefront of everything we do. Every person plays a role in ensuring quality.

We take pride in producing quality work as a team and in enhancing our reputation as a high-quality professional services and construction company.


We believe in prompt, efficient, and flexible execution.

We listen to our clients and look at projects from their perspective combining our expertise with their project goals.

We embrace change and challenging circumstances as opportunities to grow and meet the demands of our clients.