Projects > 20 MMSCFD Refrigeration Plant- North Dakota

20 MMSCFD Greenfield Refrigeration Plant

ZAP was contracted to perform engineering and design for the installation of a greenfield 20 MMSCFD gas plant in North Dakota. The plant included new process equipment in addition to inlet liquids handling, filtration, NGL handling, stabilizer, hot oil system, control and warehouse buildings, and all utilities. The plant design also included inlet and residue compressors. ZAP’s scope was for process, mechanical, electrical, instrumentation and controls (including programming), civil/structural, and design to create a detailed construction package. Deliverables included P&IDs, loop drawings, one-line diagrams, and electrical studies including coordination study and arc flash study. ZAP also provide onsite construction support for the duration of the project.

  • Two 3250 HP dual service Inlet/Residue Compressors
  • Tryer supplied 20 MMSCFD Refrigeration Plant
  • EG injection and regeneration system
  • Two 1750 HP Propane Compressors
  • NGL Storage/ Truck Loadout with Weigh Scale
  • Hot Oil Heater system
  • Residue and NGL H2S Treatment
  • Flare and other utility systems to support the plant
  • Plant Programming
  • Complete construction project scheduling support
  • Cost control reporting
  • Procurement management including receiving, handling, and material tracking on-site
  • Safety inspection on-site to ensure proper work practices and assist with client and contractor safety program compliance