Projects > Brownfield Gas Plant Expansion

ZAP provided engineering, design, and construction management for several optimization, addition, and refurbishment projects at a 64 MMSCFD brownfield gas processing facility including:

  • The refurbishment and relocation of a 50 MMBTU hot oil heater.
  • The design updates required to switch hot oil mediums and integrate the hot oil system for two existing plants.
  • The addition of a deethanizer overhead compressor.
  • The addition of a stabilizer overhead compressor, and repurposed stabilizer system equipment.
  • The replacement of existing dual service residue and refrigerant compressors with separate residue and refrigerant systems.
    • Included two new gas engine driven residue compressors and three new electric screw refrigerant compressors.
  • Integration of the refrigeration systems of two existing plants.
  • The addition of a 24 MMSCFD refrigeration plant using refurbished equipment.

In order to minimize design complications which arise on a brownfield site, a 3D scan of the site was completed, and used to accurately identify tie points into the existing plants.

Construction management and engineering worked closely throughout the construction phase to resolve conflicts with existing underground lines that were identified by hydrovac, to come up with quick and viable solutions that caused as few changes to the overall design as possible.

Since Hilight is responsible for supplying the majority of natural gas to the city of Gillette, ZAP also constantly communicated with plant operators to ensure that construction tasks could be performed with minimal shutdown time required. ZAP’s Construction Management team held weekly meetings leading up to a plant shutdown with the plant operators to ensure the detailed shutdown plan would be achieved. In all cases, the execution surepast the plan for each shutdown due to the meticulous planning and management done by ZAP. Other duties performed by the ZAP field team includes:

  • Construction Management
  • Procurement Management; including receiving, handling & managing materials on-site
  • Quality Program; including weld & material maps to encompany detailed Hydrotest packets, Quality Control / Safety programs for all disciplines on-site and document controls.
  • Schedule & cost controls
  • Weekly excecutive report, including photo documentation, safety issues, work accomplished, upcoming work, material & equipment deliveries, cost tracking, and a milestone schedule.
  • Full time Safety Manager on-site to ensure proper work practices are observed.