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County Line Plant – 20 MMSCFD Greenfield Refrigeration Plant

ZAP provided engineering, design, procurement management, and construction support for a 20 MMSCFD greenfield gas processing facility in North Dakota including:

  • Two 3250 HP dual service Inlet/Residue Compressors
  • Tryer supplied 20 MMSCFD Refrigeration Plant
  • EG injection and regeneration system
  • Two 1750 HP Propane Compressors
  • NGL Storage/ Truck Loadout with Weigh Scale
  • Hot Oil Heater system
  • Residue and NGL H2S Treatment
  • Flare and other utility systems to support the plant
  • Plant Programming
  • Complete construction project scheduling support
  • Cost control reporting
  • Procurement management including receiving, handling, and material tracking on-site
  • Safety inspection on-site to ensure proper work practices and assist with client and contractor safety program compliance