ZAP Oilfield Solutions

Since 2014, ZAP Engineering and Construction Services has performed inspections, testing, and design analysis for over +1500 well pad and production facilities in Colorado, Utah, Wyoming, North Dakota, Texas, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. ZAP has worked with operators through the process of negotiating Consent Decrees and Compliance Orders of Consent from a technical/analytical perspective to ensure that the requirements therein are reasonable and achievable.

ZAP created ZAP Oilfield Solutions to provide dedicated service engineering in the oil and gas industry with an emphasis on quickly engineered solutions. Our services include:

Facility Tank Emissions Evaluation and Vapor Control System Analysis

  • HYSYS, Promax, AFT Arrow simulations
  • Transient Analyses
  • Sizing and analysis of upstream equipment, separators, and compressors
  • Sizing and analysis of Control valve and Pressure Safety Valves

Tank Emission Management System (TEMS) sales, installation, and servicing

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