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Roof Access

Roof Access Platform

Plant maintenance requested improved access to a large duct’s slide gate above the roof level. A complex geometry was required to provide a platform that was supported by exterior building framing to avoid placing any load on existing roof trusses and yet account for operation of an adjacent roof hatch and maintain access to the slide gate components.

Bridge Crane

Bridge Crane Access Platforms

A steel manufacturer operates two 200-ton bridge cranes in their melt-shop for daily operations. For production and safety improvements they requested ZAP design fixed access platforms at each end of the building so that the cab operator could wash their own windshield periodically during shift. The original building had been modified and the original crane had been replaced since design drawings were produced. Our design efforts for this scope were complemented by a 3D scan of the facility for a higher confidence that our design had taken as-built conditions into account.

Central Vacuum System

Central Vacuum System A manufacturing facility seeking to improve silica dust cleaning operations requested ZAP design a central vacuum system to cover critical areas of their seven-story crushing and screening building.  For a more complex manifold layout through such a congested space, ZAP was able to provide a laser scan of the facility and design […]


Transformer Replacement

A manufacturing customer is replacing specialty transformers across many of their plants and the new model is heavier than the unit that had been installed before. The installation is taking place on the sixth floor of their production facility

Kiln Support Saddle

During a plant outage, a cement customer found that their kiln lifting beam (or saddle) was buckling due to the compression forces between the kiln and the hydraulic cylinders used to lift the kiln off its trunnion rollers.

Plant Conversion

ZAP completed the engineering, procurement, and construction to convert an existing gas processing plant to a compressor station with inlet liquid separation, amine treating, dehydration and water separation, and disposal.

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Chemical Formulation Addition

Chemical Formulation Addition ZAP completed the engineering and design to allow a new formulation process to be produced at an existing chemical processing facility. New process chemical storage, including bulk formula storage and truck load out was included in design. ZAP also completed a 3D scan of the facility, which allowed the new design to […]

Anhydrous Ammonia Terminal Upgrades

ZAP completed the mechanical and structural design for a compressor and condenser upgrade project at an Anhydrous Ammonia Terminal. The project included replacing existing water-cooled condensers with two Wet Surface Air Cooler Ammonia Condensers, which included a water treatment system for each unit.


Well Pad Gathering Projects

Well Pad Gathering Projects ZAP completed work on pipelines from nine well pad sites that each required the install of an oil gathering, produced water, and freshwater pipeline lateral. Pipeline sizes included 12, 8, and 6 inch lengths, ranged from 500 LF to 7,000 LF. Scope included laying out launchers, receivers, valve sites, and tie-ins […]

Pipeline Launcher / Receiver Typicals

Pipeline Launcher / Receiver Typicals ZAP provided engineering and design support in the development of new pipeline launcher/receiver details for various oil and gas pipeline laterals.  A total of eight different launcher/receiver designs were developed for the gathering system.  Deliverables included plan, section, and bill of materials drawings along with P&ID’s.  ZAP also provided project […]


Hydraulic Modeling Synergi Water

Hydraulic Modeling Synergi Water ZAP completed work on modeling an existing freshwater system utilizing Synergi Water.  The model was built to match the existing conditions for use in running scenarios of the systems capabilities and identify locations to focus expansion.

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Steve Tzap Awarded the GPA Midstream Recognition Award

The GPA Midstream has awarded Steve Tzap The Recognition Award for his service to the Gas Processors Association over the years. The Recognition Award is bestowed to individuals whose careers include a long association with the midstream industry.