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Frac Sand Terminal Upgrade

Frac Sand Terminal Upgrade

ZAP provided support with upgrading an existing frac sand terminal for fly-ash handling. As part of phase 1, ZAP assessed the existing silos and determined the PVRV requirements and size bin vents for the silos. ZAP assessed the current power feed and power distribution for the site and developed “as-built” electrical one line drawings. Upon selection of all added equipment, the client provided ZAP with the added electrical loads. ZAP then updated the electrical one lines and coordinated with the local utility (OnCor) for additional power requirements. ZAP designed a three-sided building to enclose the ramp entrance to the rail unloading pits and added steel framing to the pit walls between the rails to add deck plate.

As part of phase two, ZAP developed conceptual PFDs for the blending system. The project goal was to blend F-ash and C-ash and load the blended ash in to trucks utilizing the existing silos and load-out equipment. ZAP developed a 3D CAD model of the existing site with the blending system and general arrangement drawings used by the client for procuring equipment quotes.

ZAP reviewed the blending system silo(s) and equipment location to develop a preliminary plan for structural/foundation final engineering as well as the electrical loads of the added equipment to develop a preliminary plan for powering the new blending equipment for final engineering.

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