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ZAP Engineering’s Civil/Structural Team possesses a broad range of skills founded on the extensive experience of our Structural Engineers and Structural Designers. 

ZAP’s Structural Team’s diverse background includes designs for structures in oil and gas, cement, mining, chemical, manufacturing, power/cogeneration, pulp and paper, scrap, and more. Our project scales range from simple monorails to full scale design of large facilities, and our project locations spread across North America from California to Florida and Canada down to Mexico. The Civil/Structural team works closely with all disciplines to ensure we provide a seamless design to our clients. We get involved early in projects by assisting with facility layout. We also coordinate with the surveyors, the geotechnical engineers, and the civil engineers to set the groundwork for our projects. 

As designs progress, we collaborate with other disciplines to ensure every item is safely supported. ZAP’s engineers and designers are trained to consider the entire life cycle of a facility in our product. This includes initial constructability, day-to-day maintenance, and long-term operability. In addition to facility design, ZAP’s Structural Team provides structural inspections along with failure analysis and repair. We excel at finding simple, cost-effective solutions to the complicated problems that arise while operating a facility. We understand that many of the required repairs need to be completed during a shutdown scenario, so we work closely with our clients and contractors to ensure our designs can be installed as expeditiously as possible.

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