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For projects that warrant an EPC or EPCM execution, ZAP has a team that specializes in these project execution strategies that works seamlessly within ZAP’s organization in order to offer the capacity for a full turn-key approach for your project.

The heart of ZAP’s EPC execution is rooted in the belief that excellence in the engineering phase can allow for a predictable and safe execution of the construction phase. As we work with our clients to scope the project and develop a proposal that will fit the clients desired execution, we will prepare a proposal with detailed technical documentation to ensure that they are in alignment on the project scope at the point of award.  This definition allows us to work quickly and effectively upon project award in order to expedite the engineering phase and maximize the time allowed for construction planning and execution. ZAP’s engineers work closely with our field teams in preparation prior to mobilization, throughout construction, and during commissioning and startup on site. Our office and site personnel are keenly aware of the criticality of our relationships with our supplier and contractor partners who provide the materials and labor to execute the projects that we design and manage. 

We pursues an execution strategy of putting our aces in their places. We do what we do best (engineering, procurement, construction management, and safety supervision) and we align with their partners for the balance of the work. We would be honored to review your project with you and determine the execution strategy that best aligns with your organization’s goals for the project.  If you already know that you want to pursue an EPC execution, we would be honored to compete for the opportunity to serve your team in that role.  

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