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ZAP offers the affordability of a full service Procurement Team which is suited to meet the clients specific Procurement needs throughout the entire project cycle. 

ZAP offers highly flexible Procurement services that can accommodate varying project scopes. From sourcing materials, to executing the procurement requirements for the entirety of an EPC project, ZAP has the adaptability to provide superior, individualized service to cater the client’s needs.  The ZAP Procurement Team works hand in hand with the Engineering disciplines, and with the Construction Management team to streamline project execution. ZAP utilizes an internally developed database that can be tailored to project needs. Along with custom tools, ZAP has assembled a team that can bring the appropriate resource level based on the needs of the client or project. Utilizing ZAP’s procurement services exclusively or in combination with the clients procurement team will facilitate a more seamless process from strategic sourcing to material receipt.

Software Utilized

ZAP can offer the above Procurement services a la carte, within the scopes of an Engineering project, or a full EPC project. We strive to support any client need.

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