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The Electrical Engineering Team at ZAP Engineering & Construction Services, Inc has capability to perform the full suite of electrical power distribution system analyses customized for your needs at an existing or new facility. Power system studies and analyses can be performed individually or in a set based on project needs, each evaluation is thoroughly documented in a formal engineering report:

Most pertinent to many existing facilities is arc-flash analysis, which NFPA 70E recommends is reviewed and reaffirmed or re-evaluated upon equipment additions at site or at an interval not to exceed five years. As electrical power distribution systems morph over time, ensuring arc-flash risks at electrical equipment are accurately quantified is essential for providing the best possible information to keep site personnel safe from electrical hazards.

Arc-Flash Analysis

Arc-flash analysis and arc-flash labeling of electrical equipment for safety of site personnel is the foremost way to satisfy OSHA requirements for providing descriptive markings and warnings for personnel of electrical hazards at a facility.  NFPA 70E is commonly utilized for developing electrical site safety programs and followed for arc-flash labeling requirements.  ZAP routinely performs arc-flash analysis for clients to provide electrical equipment arc-flash labeling that descriptively indicate the magnitude of the electrical hazard present at a location to provide site personnel with crucial location information to help ensure their safety.

Arc-flash analysis is arguably the pinnacle electrical power system study for any facility, which includes:

Arc-Flash Analysis Deliverables:

Note: See examples for ZAP standard ETAP arc-flash hazard warning label design.  The ZAP team has capability to customize arc-flash hazard warning label design to meet any client requirements.

Arc-Flash Software Capabilities:

Additional Analyses

Load Flow Analysis:

Motor Starting Analysis:

System Harmonics Study:

Power Factor Correction Study:

Reliability Analysis:

Assist in Establishing Electrical Site Safety Procedures:

Common Reasons for Performing a Power System Study or Set of Power System Studies:

For guidance on what electrical power system studies may be beneficial for your facility, please feel free to contact ZAP Engineering & Construction Services, Inc who are always happy to discuss your power distribution system needs.


ZAP Standard ETAP Arc-Flash Hazard Warning Label (4” x 6”)

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