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70 MMSCFD Compressor Station EPC

70 MMSCFD Compressor Station EPC (New Mexico):

ZAP was selected to assist with the engineering, design, procurement, and construction of a greenfield compressor station in New Mexico.

The compressor station receives rich natural gas from an existing gathering system at 40-60 psig and compresses it to 1,050-1,300 psig using client-provided rental compressors. Gas is dehydrated to 7 lbs/MMSCF using TEG technology, metered and discharged into a sales gas tie-in at the edge of the facility. Produced liquids are collected and sent to a gun barrel tank for separation, stored in atmospheric storage tanks and trucked from the facility.  The compressor station is sized for a capacity of 70 MMSCFD.

ZAP Engineering and Construction Services, Inc. was the general contractor and held contracts with the mechanical/structural contractor, electrical and instrumentation contractor, and miscellaneous contractors as needed to complete the installation.

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