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Fly Ash Separation Facility

Fly Ash Separation Facility EPCM

ZAP performed detail engineering, procurement and construction management for a fly ash processing facility utilizing electrostatic separation technology. This brownfield facility included integration of the existing power plant, fly ash separation technology, and balance of plant materials handling equipment. 

Process Detail:

The existing fly ash silos were altered for the unit #2 silo to receive the raw fly ash from both power generation units. A silo penetration adaptor was installed on the existing unit #2 silo to convey the raw fly ash to the new fly ash separator.  The separator produces Low-Carbon Mineral Product (Product Ash) and Hi Carbon Ash Product .  The Product Ash is pneumatically conveyed to a new Product Ash loadout silo.  The new silo is a drive thru skirted silo with a truck loading spout and truck scale.   The Hi Carbon Ash Product is pneumatically conveyed to the existing plant unit #1 silo.  

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