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Edge Trim Hopper

Edge Trim Hopper

Edge Trim Hopper ZAP completed the engineering for the replacement of the client’s edge trim re-feed hopper, blowers, and transport lines at their facility. ZAP’s design included an increase to five outputs metered using blow-through rotary valves, continuous hopper level monitoring using a laser distance sensor, five individual positive displacement blowers, the design of a […]

Monorail Addition

Monorail Addition at Roof

Monorail Addition at Roof A manufacturing customer wanted to add a new monorail and increase the capacity of existing monorails supported by the building roof trusses above their process equipment. ZAP provided analysis of the existing trusses, which had already been reinforced when monorails were first added.  The customer requested modifications to our design based on […]

Cyro Plant

Cryogenic Plant

ZAP was contracted by the cryogenic plant equipment packager to engineer and design the installation of a greenfield cryogenic gas plant in the Permian Basin.

Pipeline Pump Design

Pipeline Pump Design

An NGL Pipeline increased operating pressure to 1,440 psig and a client contracted ZAP to install new boost pumps to boost both Cryo plant 1 and plant 2 into the existing pipeline.

Standard Ammonia Skid Optimization

Standard Ammonia Skid Optimization

Standard Ammonia Skid Optimization ZAP assessed the hydraulic performance of the standard retail skid prototypes with the intention of determining what changes could optimize the truck loading capacity. ZAP ran simulations and aided in field testing and optimization which allowed customer to increase loading capacity to 150% of original capabilities. This increased sales revenue for […]

Soda Ash Loud Out

Soda Ash Load-Out

ZAP completed the engineering and design to modify an existing truck loadout system fed from a storage dome and from the F&I silo to meet Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) regulations.

Roof Access

Roof Access Platform

Plant maintenance requested improved access to a large duct’s slide gate above the roof level. A complex geometry was required to provide a platform that was supported by exterior building framing to avoid placing any load on existing roof trusses and yet account for operation of an adjacent roof hatch and maintain access to the slide gate components.

Bridge Crane

Bridge Crane Access Platforms

A steel manufacturer operates two 200-ton bridge cranes in their melt-shop for daily operations. For production and safety improvements they requested ZAP design fixed access platforms at each end of the building so that the cab operator could wash their own windshield periodically during shift. The original building had been modified and the original crane had been replaced since design drawings were produced. Our design efforts for this scope were complemented by a 3D scan of the facility for a higher confidence that our design had taken as-built conditions into account.

Central Vacuum System

Central Vacuum System A manufacturing facility seeking to improve silica dust cleaning operations requested ZAP design a central vacuum system to cover critical areas of their seven-story crushing and screening building.  For a more complex manifold layout through such a congested space, ZAP was able to provide a laser scan of the facility and design […]

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Steve Tzap Awarded the GPA Midstream Recognition Award

The GPA Midstream has awarded Steve Tzap The Recognition Award for his service to the Gas Processors Association over the years. The Recognition Award is bestowed to individuals whose careers include a long association with the midstream industry.